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Most Anticipated Hotel Openings in Canary Islands 2016



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Uber, NGO Launch Mandatory Safety Education for Driver-partners



Uber NGO Launch Mandatory Safety Education for Driver-partners, SiliconNigeria

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a human rights violation and a serious crime that knows no boundaries. GBV has presented a real, daily threat for millions of Nigerians. In honour of the annual 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, Uber is announcing mandatory safety education for driver-partners, for the first time in Nigeria. 

Driver-partners will be required to watch an educational video aimed at fostering respectful interactions and setting clear boundaries about what is appropriate and what is not. Riders will also be sent the video. Expanding driver education is another step in our efforts to put safety at the heart of everything we do.

Preventing sexual misconduct and assault

Sexual misconduct and assault know no boundaries and affect all genders and communities around the globe, including the Uber community. Uber is committed to doing its part to help drive awareness, education and prevention among driver-partners and riders. Driver-partners are required to complete a video that has been developed by RAINN and the Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development

Cezanne Maherali, Uber’s Head of Policy Middle East and Africa explains: ‘When it comes to fighting sexual violence, education is key. We all have a role to play when it comes to safety. Working together with gender-based violence experts, public safety officials and communities, we can all help create safe experiences for those we serve. We want to make sure we are providing clear guidance on what is appropriate or not, and promote safety and respectful interactions. I’m immensely proud we are taking this next step to make education around sexual misconduct and assault mandatory regardless of driver-partners’ status or riders’ spend with us. In every country, safety is and will continue to be a top priority.’

The educational video features tips and information about respecting privacy and personal space, conversational boundaries and sexual misconduct. It highlights resources and strategies that promote safety and respectful interactions between people during a trip.

Sima Diar, Nisaa Spokesperson says “Gender-based violence is preventable, and education can play a central role in enabling women and children to live in a world free of violence. We are grateful for our long standing partnership with Uber, and we believe that collectively we can make a difference. We stand in solidarity with those affected and will continue to use our voices to shine a light on GBV so that more people are forced to listen.” 

For the last several years, Uber has launched pioneering safety features, improved policies and processes, and has aimed to set the standard on safety in the industry. The company continues to raise the bar on safety, by listening and learning from experts, making bold changes and following through on commitments. 


Riders will also be encouraged to watch a video and have received tips on how to foster respectful interactions with drivers. Respect is a two-way street and Ubers messages around sexual misconduct are targeted to both drivers and riders. Throughout November and December, we will invite riders to watch the video. Anyone in the Uber community reported for sexual misconduct can have their access removed from the platform. See more about our Community Guidelines here.

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Cars45 Partners Fintechs On New Vehicles Financing Scheme



Cars45 Partners Fintechs On New Vehicles Financing Scheme, SiliconNigeria

Leading tech-enabled automotive trading platform, Cars45 has partnered financial institutions – fintechs and banks to provide vehicle financing services to both consumers and car dealers.

The new initiative is with a view to removing  long-standing barriers to car ownership and help grow the pool of car owners across the country

The auto firm also reiterated its commitment to enabling trade within Nigeria’s automotive industry as well as defining the future of automotive trade across the country by providing consumers with a brand experience that helps them with smarter buying and selling choices

The company noted that its expansion into Kenya and Ghana is growing while strengthening its partnerships with car manufacturers and OEMs that include KIA, Kelwarams and CFAO with a view to facilitating new car sales and ownership. 

At a recent interactive session in Lagos, the chief executive officer, Cars45, Soumobro Ganguly, stated that meeting the needs and expectations of its customers and stakeholders will remain a major imperative.

According to him, the company has intensified efforts in solving the challenges across the automotive value chain from new, to used, logistics, aftermarket, repair services and scrap vehicles while the business continues to grow on the back of innovation and technology. 

Ganguly said: “Cars45 has moved into over twelve cities across Nigeria and two others in Africa, we have a growing franchise dealer network coupled with our Autopreneur support system that has empowered so many young people financially, and our marketplace has exceeded expectations in facilitating consumer-to-consumer vehicle trades and making the car ownership dreams of lots of people come true. We are confident in our ability to deliver and the strength of our mission to enable automotive trade across the continent.”

Also speaking during the briefing, head, marketing and communications, Shola Adekoya, reiterated the company’s commitment to driving the growth of the automotive sector in Nigeria and ensuring that car-buying and ownership becomes a seamless, safe and secure experience for consumers.

“We take our responsibility of providing quality service offerings underpinned by transparency and integrity very seriously. It is incumbent upon us to develop value-based products that will enhance value creation for the Nigerian used cars marketplace,” he pointed out.

Head, Lead Management & Marketplace; Patricia Duru noted that Cars45 has prioritised the delivery of a transformative customer experience for all stakeholders even as its marketplace provides value and variety for consumers. 

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Survival of the Wisest – Embracing Wisdom Under the Pressure



Survival of the Wisest – Embracing Wisdom Under the Pressure, SiliconNigeria

By RAMSAY RANKOUSSI, Vice President, Development, Middle East, Africa & Turkey, Radisson Hotel Group

Without a doubt, 2020 has been an unprecedented year … and it’s not yet over.  While it would be unfair to say that the hospitality and tourism sectors were hardest hit when the struggle has been global, this year has certainly forced us to face up to inevitable questions around our future survival prospects. 

For us, however, our trust in the fact that we would see the industry return to its previous standing was always a question of not “if”, but “when”. While many of our counterparts were conducting their future modelling around whether a recovery was even possible, we were focused, rather, on preparing for that future date when we would resume business as usual, as well as what was required of us to keep going in the meantime. 

In 2019, the hospitality industry – and, more specifically the travel and tourism sectors – accounted for more than 10% of global GDP, both directly and indirectly.  Additionally, one out of every 10 jobs was within the sector, representing more than 300 million jobs globally. An examination of these numbers reveals the depth of the crisis, and the critical role that our sector plays in terms of not only the industry but in the lives of all the staff members – and of course, also their families. The social impact in terms of economic development, especially in emerging countries, can be transformative.

Yet, the industry has also been late to the party in terms of its willingness to embrace to rapidly adapt while embracing change and technology, and leading with innovative solutions. While systems have been incorporated to better support control of productivity and to boost cost efficiencies, we have yet to really innovate with a view to contributing to the “social good”, which I believe to be a crucial measure of positive ingenuity. 

Looking to the future as we near the end of 2020 gives us the chance to remember everything we had, but perhaps did not cherish enough. But it also marks an opportunity to create a new environment in which our behaviours and decisionmaking contribute to the evolution of better societies and more solidarity.  Our future should be dictated by the desire to impact communities positively and to support everyone’s efforts to succeed. 

We recently proactively announced the launch of Radisson Individuals. The name itself celebrates the individuality we wish to promote, but also the responsibility we have towards our industry as a whole – and most especially the thousands of jobs that could be in jeopardy going forward. Following the negative impacts of COVID-19, we believe that what we have to offer will be attractive to many independent hotel owners eager to maintain their autonomy and historical legacies, but seeking the benefits a group like ours can offer as they work to reinvent their establishments. We are committed to supporting local entrepreneurs across Africa and beyond, who have worked tirelessly to establish their hotels, and for whom our distribution channels, established network and procurement platforms could be a lifeline in their bid to sustain their businesses. 

We believe Radisson Individuals is not only the answer to a positive value proposition within the current climate but also paves the way to increased solidarity across our embattled sector. Our simple approach coupled with the pragmatism of that affiliation model should open up a range of opportunities across the continent.

It is in those challenging times that we all need to come together in working proactively to find solutions rather than to seek our exclusive benefits. While some may seek to take advantage of the current situation, it will no longer be the fittest that survives but the wisest, those who work together and demonstrate a common objective. It is with that humility that Radisson Hotel Group has launched new initiatives that further support the industry and those at risk.

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