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More Customers Emerge In 9mobile Mega Millions Promo



More Customers Emerge In 9mobile Mega Millions Promo, SiliconNigeria

L-R  Babangida Mukaddas, 9mobile Senior Manager Sales and Distribution; Florence Aaron, 1million Naira winner and Abdullahi Ibrahim, 9mobile Experience Centre Manager in the ongoing 9mobile Mega Millions Promo prize presentation in Kano

Florence Aaron, Ekene Azubuike, and Ramila Shehu were recently presented with one million Naira each in Kano State as part of the ongoing 9mobile Mega Millions Promo. This promo, which started in August, has rewarded customers with the sum of N74m and 3, 552 smartphones across the country.

Speaking during the presentation event, the Manager of the 9mobile Experience Center in Kano, Abdullahi Ibrahim, congratulated the latest winners and stated that apart from the Mega Millions Promo, the telecommunication outfit is committed to delivering excellent services to customers.

“Lots of happy customers have won either cash prices or smartphones in this promo, and we encourage more people to participate. At 9mobile, we design products and services with our customers in mind. We have affordable internet services to help our customers communicate effectively. Our voice and internet tariffs are the most competitive and affordable in the market, and we constantly ensure that we meet our customers’ communication needs.”

Mrs. Florence Aaron, an indigene of Kaduna State, said she stuck to 9mobile because she was not satisfied with her previous service provider. “I learned of the 9mobile Mega Millions Promo through different channels, but I never imagined that I would win one million Naira. I will invest my one million to my existing business to boost it. I appreciate 9mobile for this life-changing promo. It is real.”

Similarly, Mr. Ekene Azubuike from the Sabon Gari area of Kano has been with the 9mobile brand since it commenced operations 12 years ago. He said, “I always recharge my 9mobile line every week with over two thousand Naira for my business. So, when I received a call from 9mobile that I won, I thought it was scammers on the prowl. Now I can confirm that the promo is real. I never thought I would win one million Naira. I will use the one million to boost my business. One million Naira is not easy to come by, especially during this challenging business climate”.

The third million-naira winner, Mrs. Ramila Shehu, was excited when she received the one million Naira Mega alert. “I never knew about the Mega Millions promo until I received an SMS from 9mobile that I have won one million Naira after recharging 1000 Naira. I will use my winning to shore up the operations of the charity organization I currently run”.

To participate, “customers can recharge their lines with N200 or more to win a smartphone every hour or top-up N1000 and above to win the N1million daily prize. A cumulative recharge of N10, 000 monthly over the 90 days duration of the promo qualifies customers for a chance to win the N10, 000,000 grand prize,” Abdullahi explained.

“Participants can increase their chances of winning with rapid and frequent recharges. New customers will also get up to 100% data bonus for 12 months with free 1GB and N500 airtime,” he submitted.

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Mobile Banking Applications Remain Most Popular Platform For Digital Banking – Agusto & Co



Mobile Banking Applications Remain Most Popular Platform For Digital Banking - Agusto & Co, SiliconNigeria
Agusto & Co Logo

Agusto & Co, has said that mobile banking applications remain the most popular platform for digital banking.

The increasing use of mobile banking has also been backed by the growing base of mobile phone users, which has grown by a five-year compound annual growth rate of 6 per cent to 184.4 million as the end of 2019.

Agusto & Co, an indigenous African credit rating agency and a leading provider of industry research and knowledge in Nigeria, dissected this in its third edition of the consumer banking satisfaction index has the level of customer satisfaction towards digital banking channels in Nigeria with Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) scoring the highest user experience score.

According to the report, approximately 82 pre cent of the survey respondents are aware of their respective bank’s mobile banking service while internet banking recorded 57 per cent awareness. The respondents are least aware of WhatsApp and other virtual banking platforms (such as the chatbot service and telephone banking), with only 6 per cent of the respondents indicating their knowledge of these services

The consumer banking satisfaction index reveals customers’ preferences towards digital banking channels on some selected banks in Nigeria. The index which contains a survey and a scorecard, and showcases that the crux of customers’ complaints is customer service delivery.

As revealed by the report, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) Emerges the Best Digital Bank in Nigeria with a user experience score of 74.2. Zenith Bank was the highest-ranked bank in the 2019 edition, with a score of 74.2 but dropped to the 4th position this year to a score of 70.9 due to lower ratings in transaction success rates and troubleshooting & IT support.

First Bank of Nigeria ranked second, while Access Bank ranked third. GTBank’s top position was underpinned by comparably higher transaction success rates, which is most crucial in the current ‘COVID-era’. The Bank’s position was also upheld by the significant level of awareness of its digital banking services compared to the other banks in the survey sample.

Agusto & Co also observed that the COVID-19 pandemic has driven an increase in the use of digital channels and created an opportunity to grow transaction income across the various platforms.

In addition to benefits to commercial banks, the pandemic has also provided digital banks (also known as FinTechs) with an avenue for growth. The survey also indicates that only 46 per cent of the survey respondents are aware of digital banks.

In addition to the vast digital service offerings provided by banks, Agusto & Co found that there are still several key desired services. These include a chat option with a relationship officer, which was chosen by 67 per cent of the survey respondents.

Approximately 39 per cent of the survey respondents would like to have a further breakdown of their bank statements to reflect their spending habits while 31 per cent yearn for a branch/ATM finder option on their bank’s digital platform. Other desired services include additional account opening option, credit card requests and investment advisory.

The 2020 Consumer Digital Banking Satisfaction Survey targeted a focus group of respondents drawn from the formal and informal sectors of the economy. The coverage banks indicated in the survey are the top 10 commercial banks based on the value of total assets and contingents as at 31 December 2019

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NCC Okays 3 Months National Roaming Trial By MTN, 9mobile



NCC Okays 3 Months National Roaming Trial By MTN 9mobile, SiliconNigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has granted approval for two mobile network operators (MNOs) to carry out trial on National Roaming Service for a period of three months, commencing from August 1, 2020 and to end by October 31, 2020.

The two telecoms companies are Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Nigeria and the Emerging Markets Telecommunication Service Limited (EMTS), trading as 9Mobile in Nigeria.

With this approval EMTS and MTN are expected to configure their networks to begin test and simulation for customer experience. The trial approval covers a few local governments, designated as the National Roaming geographic area, in Ondo State.

Roaming Service enables a mobile subscriber to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive data, or access other services when travelling outside a particular network geographical area by utilising the network coverage of other networks with roaming arrangements to access service.

According to the executive vice chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, the primary objective of the National Roaming Service trial is to encourage network resource sharing among operators.

He said this will lead to operational expenditure (OPEX) optimisation and capital expenditure (CAPEX) efficiencies leading to freeing up of resources to expand mobile network coverage to unserved and underserved communities across the country, which will lead to improved Quality of Service (QoS) delivery to subscribers.

“The successful implementation of the trial will enable EMTS subscribers to access MTN network service within the National Roaming trial geographical area without the need for an MTN Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card,” Danbatta said.

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9mobile Rewards Customers With N59m, 3,000 Smartphones



9mobile Rewards Subscribers With N59m 3000 Smartphones, SiliconNigeria

Nigeria’s leading customer-centric telecommunication company, 9mobile, has continued to reward customers with millions of naira and smartphones across the country.

So far, the promo has rewarded over 59 customers with N1million each and given out 3,000 smartphones and counting to lucky winners. The promo, designed to reward 90 lucky customers with N1 million daily, will also give out two smartphones every hour for 90 days and a grand prize of N10 million at the grand finale.

At the launch of the campaign in August, the Chief Executive Officer of 9mobile, Mr. Alan Sinfield, had stated that the promo was designed to support Nigerians during the uncertain and challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We realize the challenges people are faced with during this period, and we have designed this promo to help cushion the effects of the Covid-19 in Nigeria as families and individuals continue to confront the economic impact of the pandemic. This promo also demonstrates our philosophy that customers are at the core of our business, so we continue to prioritize them in our decisions.”

From the Ibadan 9mobile Experience Centre, it was all smiles for Ade Odewunmi Oluwaseun, a sophomore student at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic who won a million naira.

 Speaking on her win, she said “I never believed it until I got here only to see that it is real. My mom is a single parent and things have been challenging. So, I will give the money to my mother so that she can use it to cater for my elder sister and me.”

Also, Mr. Suleiman Hassan who hails from Gombe State, exuded joy as he said “I appreciate 9mobile because if I could win from my location in Gombe State, then everybody stands a chance of winning in this Mega Millions Promo. A huge part of the money will go to charity.”

Another million naira winner, Mrs. Suzy Madaki, a civil servant in Kaduna State was fulsome of appreciation to 9mobile for the Mega Millions Promo initiative.

“When I got a call from a 9mobile customer service representative that I have won a million naira I didn’t believe the promo was real. That is why I won’t blame anyone who feels the same way now.  All I can say to them is that the promo is very real”.

In the same vein, Mr. Muhammad Kashala also struck gold as the Mega Millions Promo will enable him to start his cloth merchandizing business in earnest. “I am so surprised that this is real. I will like to appreciate 9mobile for this wonderful opportunity they have given me. With this winning, I will start a clothing business,” Mr Kashala said.

The 9mobile winning train also recently made a stop-over in Bayelsa State where Mr. Preye Abariye Andrew, lauded the telco for the gesture and promised to donate part of his N1million to charity. “I urge people to believe that the promo is real, 9mobile is a good network for people to use. I will donate items to orphanages and think about my future.”

From the Port Harcourt Experience Center, Engr. Kalagbo Chinedu, who also won N1million said he never believed in his wildest dreams that the Mega Millions Promo was real let alone winning a million naira in the promo.

The Mega Millions Promo adopts a recharge and win mechanism. To participate, customers can simply recharge their lines with N200 or more to win a smartphone every hour or top-up N1000 and above to win the N1million daily prize. A cumulative recharge of N10, 000 monthly over the 90 days duration of the promo qualifies customers for a chance to win the N10, 000,000 grand prize.

With 31million Naira and over 1,400 smartphones left to be won, participants can increase their chances of winning with frequent recharges. New customers will also get up to 100% data bonus for 12 months with free 1GB and N500 airtime.

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