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Nigerian Youths Laud MTN for ICT and Business Skills Training



Nigerian Youths Laud MTN for ICT and Business Skills Training, SiliconNigeria

Participants at the MTN’s ICT and Business Skills Training 2020 have shared their excitement as they partake in the programme. These young entrepreneurs spoke on how they got information about the training, what they have learnt so far and how they plan to incorporate these lessons in upscaling their businesses.

Caleb Ugorji found out about the MTN ICT/Business Training skills programme through a WhatsApp group. He spoke about how much he’s learnt about digital marketing and how he hopes to upscale his business with this new skill.

Nigerian Youths Laud MTN for ICT and Business Skills Training, SiliconNigeria

Blogger and news writer, Jeremiah Edoho through the training has learnt about the importance of using social media for advertising to promote his brand.

Nigerian Youths Laud MTN for ICT and Business Skills Training, SiliconNigeria

Aliu Dada from Kaduna state says that he is looking forward to using the digital marketing skills he has acquired to upscale his business to a better standard.

Nigerian Youths Laud MTN for ICT and Business Skills Training, SiliconNigeria

Evans Ugorji is grateful to be a part of the training. According to him, the programme has been engaging and enlightening. He added that he has learnt about how digital marketing and the possibilities it holds. Evens also mentioned that he is now knowledgeable about the use of analytics to track the performance of his marketing campaigns.

Nigerian Youths Laud MTN for ICT and Business Skills Training, SiliconNigeria

Stephen Kelechi says that the MTN ICT and Business Skills Training has given him insight on how to take his business to the next level, adding that he can’t wait to acquire more knowledge over the next few weeks.

Nigerian Youths Laud MTN for ICT and Business Skills Training, SiliconNigeria

The ICT and Business Skills initiative in its fourth phase complements government efforts at promoting sustainable socio-economic development in Nigeria. Till date, 1,933 young people have been trained across Oyo, Kano, Imo, Nasarawa and Rivers States.

Google Launches People Cards to help Africans who want to be found on Google Search

Google today introduced a new mobile-only feature that makes people more discoverable on Google Search.  People Cards allow people to create their presence on Search in the form of a card (similar to a Google Search Knowledge Panel) that includes all the details they want other people to have about them. 

“For many people,“ says Olumide Balogun, Head of Consumer Apps, Sub Saharan Africa at Google, “whether they’re content creators, business professionals, or just wanting to stand out from the crowd — having an online presence is important.

“For those without a formal website, or for people who share a name with many others, this is an easy way to create or distinguish their presence on Search,” he adds. “Google’s mission has always been to organise information and make it useful and accessible, and we’re now providing a new way – for people who want to be found – to organise information about themselves, right on Search, on their mobile phones.” 

Anyone with a Google Account can create a People Card by simply searching for their name and tapping the “add me to Search” prompt. This will lead them through a simple process to add a photo, description, links to social profiles and other information that they’d like others to know about them. 

For the initial card creation, a unique phone number is required. One profile card is allowed per Google account and phone number. Additionally, people can report abusive content and impersonation claims through a feedback link directly from the product.

“In the last few years, we have been working with people across the region to better understand how Africans see Search and how we can make it more relevant and work better for the people on the continent. We built this feature for the millions of influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, freelancers, or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered,” Olumide  continues.  

Google has recently introduced several locally relevant features within Search. Job Search Experience, for example, helps people find jobs through Search, while Health Symptom Search makes it easier for users to explore health conditions related to symptoms. Google has also introduced other features that make it easy to find information on everyday interests like Sports, Recipe, Movies, and Lyrics. 

 “A critical part of creating for Africa means building in line with the insights we are seeing from the region. We see that people in Africa want a search tool that reflects their real environment and also supports them to succeed as they go about their everyday hustle which is why the People Card creator is in full control of their information at all times; they choose what they would like to make public and if they would like to remove it,” he concludes.

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New Horizons Nigeria, Staff Win EC-Council Circle of Excellence Awards



New Horizons Nigeria Staff Win EC-Council Circle of Excellence Awards, SiliconNigeria

New Horizons System Solutions Limited (Nigeria), a member of the world largest private computer training institute, and one of its staff have been announced as the winners of the 2020 EC-Council Circle of Excellence Awards.

EC-Council is a leading international certification body in information security and e-business. New Horizons Nigeria won the award alongside side Torque Technical Computer Training PVT Limited in the Africa category.

In the instructor’s category, Mr. Patrick Asamago, Technical, Quality Assurance, New Horizons System Solutions Limited (Nigeria) emerged the winner of 2020 EC-Council Instructor (CEI) Circle of Excellence Award in Africa alongside Aziz Magdy and Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed Abdelgani.

The Instructor of the Year category is designed to honour the instructors who guide students to deeper understanding and enhanced skills. 

The EC-Council Global Awards programme recognizes the ongoing commitment of Accredited Training Centres (ATCs) and Certified EC-Council Instructors that have contributed significantly to the information security community by providing leading information security certification programs.

Awardees were recognized in different categories regionally and globally. Some of the categories include ATC of the Year, the category designed to recognize the training centres most successful in providing top-level information security training programmes. 

Commenting on the Awards, the Managing Director and Chief Executive officer, New Horizons System Solutions Limited (Nigeria), Mr. Tim Akano, said, “The EC-Council award bestowed on New Horizons Nigeria bears eloquent testimony to the quality of cyber security training New Horizons Nigeria delivers to our numerous customers.

“Fifteen years ago, New Horizons Nigeria introduced EC-Council to the Nigeria market and since then we have remained consistently the number one cyber security training institution in Nigeria. It is also instructive that our Instructor, Patrick Asamago was awarded the best instructor by EC-Council. This is why organisations that desire excellent security for their network in Nigeria choose New Horizons Nigeria as their first choice to train their staff

We are happy that amazing things keep happening between New Horizons Nigeria and EC-Council for the past 15 years. We equally use this medium to appreciate our clients for the trust in our training delivery over the years,” Akano added.

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Training and e-Learning

UK- Nigeria Tech Hub to support Education and Tech-Entrepreneurship in Nigeria



UK- Nigeria Tech Hub Launches Virtual Capacity Building Programmes to support Education and Tech-Entrepreneurship in Nigeria, SiliconNigeria

In response to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the education sector in Nigeria coupled with the need to support gender inclusive economic growth, the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub has launched two virtual programmes called the Innovative Teachers Fellowship Programme and the Future Females Business School Programme.

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub works to stimulate local digital economies, support inclusive, sustainable economic growth and jobs creation, build high-end digital skills, and forge innovative partnerships between the Nigerian tech sector and international businesses.

These new programmes will help entrepreneurs build financial sustainability and adaptability into their business models.

The UK-Nigeria Africa Tech Hub Country Director, Honey Ogundeyi said, “Our aim now is to empower entrepreneurs and teachers with the relevant skills, tools, and knowledge to help them better respond to the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19.
“The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub is pinpointing gaps and opportunities in order to create specialised and definitive training for tech entrepreneurs and other key communities who require tailored COVID-19 support. At the same time, the Hub is identifying partners, experts and enablers – locally and globally – with a vested interest in supporting these businesses.”

The Innovative Teachers Fellowship programme which launched last November, in partnership with CCHUB is upskilling 300 teachers (STEM and Non-STEM alike) by providing 21st-century teaching skills focused on the use of technology to create interactive learning content for students, as well as the use of digital tools to support learning. The programme highlights the use of teaching tools such as digital labs, digital tools for content delivery and assessment, classroom management as well as digital safety skills.  It would also seek to improve the digital skills of the participating teachers through the various collaborative activities including webinars and teacher showcases aimed to help the teachers apply the concepts they have learned to solve real-world problems.

To increase gender diversity in tech, the UK- Nigeria Tech Hub’s Future Females Business School Programme in partnership with Future Females is supporting 150 Nigerian female entrepreneurs over the next 3 months to enable their tech-based businesses to scale and become more sustainable.

Participants at the Future Females Business School programme will also receive access to and mentorship opportunities with industry experts. The programme will also provide capacity building trainings covering 10 actionable modules equipping them with entrepreneurial skills and best practices needed to grow their tech-based businesses.

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MTN Foundation Trains Youths On Entrepreneurship, ICT Skills



MTN Foundation Trains Youths On Entrepreneurship ICT Skills, SiliconNigeria

MTN Foundation, has trained Nigerian youths on entrepreneurship and technology skills through its ICT and Business Skills Training 2020 which held its first instructor-led virtual session workshop on November 12.

Google certified trainer, Mr. Kenneth Awom, espoused on the types of digital marketing such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Marketing, Content Marketing, Email/SMS Marketing.

He said “planning a well thought out digital strategy and leveraging social media effectively is a key to business growth” He talked about leveraging social media channels and email marketing for business growth, as a tool to generate more sales, add value to a brand, and improve marketing activities.

He admonished participants to get started with social media marketing by identifying their audience, choosing their social media channels, and posting engaging content regularly. Participants were also taken on ‘Google my Business’, a free tool that allows business owners to manage how their business appears on Google Search and Maps and the benefits inherent.

Speaking on optimizing and planning a digital marketing strategy, Awom said, “staying competitive with Google my Business involves making informed marketing decisions, learning from the successes and mistakes of others, understanding what services to offer customers and identifying how to stand out from the crowd.”  

The ICT and Business Skills initiative in its fourth phase complements government efforts at promoting sustainable socio-economic development in Nigeria. Till date, 1,933 young people have been trained across Oyo, Kano, Imo, Nasarawa and Rivers States.  The training workshop was implemented in partnership with partners including Oracle, Google, KPMG, IBM, and Digital Bridge Institute.

Marketing Lessons

Growing a business is not a walk in the park. From coming up with creative ideas, to discovering a profitable niche, these activities require a level of expertise to be executed. At the MTN ICT Business Skills Training, participants were taught how to leverage available digital tools to build a thriving online presence for their business.

Here are key takeaways from the workshop:

  1. How to create a ‘Google my Business’ Account: Creating a  ‘Google my Business’ is as simple as going to, adding the business name, choosing an appropriate category, location, contact details, listing and choosing a mode of verifying the listing.
  2. Setting up and optimizing a ‘Google my Business’ page: Google my Business is a free tool that allows users to manage how their business appears on Google Search and maps. It is also a platform to engage with customers on Google for free. With a Google my Business page, entrepreneurs can set up a profile in order to attract customers, reach more people and see how customers connect with their business.
  3. How to leverage Google to stay competitive: There’s a popular saying that anunprofitable business is only a hobby. Participants were taught that in order to stay competitive, entrepreneurs must make informed marketing decisions through research, learn from the success and mistakes of others, identify how to stand out from the crowd while discovering industry trends and customer preferences.
  4. How to create a digital strategy: The advantages of a digital strategy plan for a business outweighs a traditional marketing strategy. Participants were taught that an interactive and engaging digital strategy, has high return on investment, low cost, is easy to measure, and spreads wide.
  5. How to reach the right people at the right time with Google Ads: With Google ads, we must be strategic and consider our business goals. Only pay for results, like clicks on your website or calls to your business
  6. How to create your first ad in a few clicks: Participants learnt that Google Ads make it easy to show the world what is unique about each business. Entrepreneurs only need to input information on business goals, where to advertise, the message, available budget, and then publish.

This is the first of the four week instructor-led sessions of the MTN’S ICT and Business Skills workshop in partnership with Google, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, and KPMG.

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